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ipxe chip logo
2011-04-06, 17:00
Post: #3
RE: ipxe chip logo
(2011-04-06 16:55)mcb30 Wrote:  
(2011-04-06 16:31)AT-HE Wrote:  i made a tiny logo

Awesome! Is there any chance of a hi-res version, that we could use everywhere (websites, posters, printed material, etc)?

(2011-04-06 16:31)AT-HE Wrote:  i realised that we have unlimited allocated attachments space
what is the maximum upload file size too?

I have no idea; it'll be whatever the MyBB default is set to. If it needs changing, let me know.


- i post an 635x418 image too .. this is the size i found the image, i just add the logo Smile

- i think is important, a user could upload hundreds files and fill your hard disk .. you could set a low value and see what user reach the limit, then adjust in the future
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