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0x7B when iSCSI booting on alternate hardware
2013-09-03, 09:33
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RE: 0x7B when iSCSI booting on alternate hardware

Did you actually got this to work? Adding few Device-Id entries into CDDB did not solve my problem. Infact, lot of other forums also say that adding only CDDB entries does not solve this problem and hence this is still vastly unanswered.

Assuming, I must have entered wrong Device-ids in CDDB, I've few questions for you:
1. How did you install the driver for new NIC? Using PnPUtil? Because it neither creates Service entry in registry nor copies the .sys file in "drivers" dir. I did both of these things manually in addition to using PnPutil. Did you added Service entry inside registry and copied .sys file explicitely?
2. How to add entries in CDDB? I don't think there is any tool that does this . I just looked at the .INF file for various device-ids, added some of them in CDDB with usual values (i.e. ClassGUID, Service, DriverPackageId etc) manually. Is it the correct method?
3. Did you had any other components installed such as Microsoft hotfix(, Microsoft iSCSI initiator boot version etc.
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