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HP Smart Array issues
2012-12-04, 05:19
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HP Smart Array issues
Hello All,

First, thanks to all the contributors for making iPXE. My colleague and I have been really happy about all the stuff we've been able to accomplish with that in just a few days (replacing most of our aging pxelinux infrastructure with a really cool iPXE setup...)

BUT, we've hit a snag. we have a couple HP DL360 Gen 8 with a P420i controller in them. pxelinux works fine with that controller, but iPXE seems to write into some memory that the controller uses. once that memory is touched, the controller locks the machine up with the very helpful message:

1706-The Extended BIOS Data Area in Server Memory has been Overwritten - Smart Array Interrupt 13h BIOS Cannot Continue - System Halted

the setup uses pxelinux.0 to load ipxe.lkrn and that's pointing to a http server that feeds it a menu. I get to the menu, but the second i hit a key from the menu, the controller locks the machine up. If i setup ipxe to just chain load something else, i does the same.

I don't believe it's a controller problem per se. I think i need to "disable" something on there to go past that, but i've tried so many things on this box, i no longer know where i should start from here.

What would the best option be to get this debugged? I'm leary about changing too much
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