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iPXE noob - Windows Server 2012
2013-02-15, 03:45
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RE: iPXE noob - Windows Server 2012
Hi Josh,

That sounds correct for the most part. You shouldn't need the other pxelinux or ipxe files in the tftp directory if you are just planning on booting up undionly.kpxe. This is a good link about the process with some diagrams, although the page was not written for a windows server:

The first picture shows what is the poster is accomplishing. You can basically stop after "serve files" in picture one as at that point, undionly.kpxe is on the client machine and with the default undionly.kpxe, you have an ipxe shell. You can override the shell with an embedded ipxe script ( if you compile undionly.kpxe with the EMED=(script) option.

This link may help also.

I didn't actually end up trying this but he is chaining pxelinux to load the ipxe kernel which then loads up pxelinux and allows a boot for compatibility reasons.

For setting this up on windows, I'm not sure but this may help:

Maybe someone else with windows experience may chime in about the dhcp settings on windows server 2012.
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