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iPXE and OpenBSD
2013-02-25, 13:56
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RE: iPXE and OpenBSD
(2013-02-23 23:27)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  Most likely the OpenBSD kernel format is not supported by iPXE directly, which is why you need to use pxeboot (which is a PXE binary, supported by iPXE).

"file" says that it's an ELF binary, and ELF appears in the list of supported features in the iPXE banner...

Quote:Have you tried enabling debug logging on your tftp server to see exactly what file it asks for?

Yes, I have, it doesn't ask for anything, I don't see any requests from it. When I boot it directly (not from iPXE), it asks for /etc/boot.conf in the beginning, but it throws up the error instead of doing it when I chainload it from iPXE.

Quote:If you can't get it to tell you that, you might also have luck with a packet trace on the tftp server to see what's being requested.

That's what I did, I didn't see any packets.

Quote:It would be beneficial if you show us the iPXE script/commands you use to load pxeboot (in the automated way) and how you do it manually.

For the purposes of these tests, I was typing commands into iPXE (undionly.kkpxe) manually. They were:

set use-cached 1
dhcp net0
chain tftp://<server>/openbsd/pxeboot

After this, it fails as I described.

If I boot into OpenBSD pxeboot straight from the PXE ROM, it all works fine.

Thanks for your help!

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