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Standardizing the Build Environment...
2013-03-03, 18:34
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RE: Standardizing the Build Environment...
For reference, I'll post what I said on IRC, in case someone else wants to join the conversation:

Quote:<robinsmidsrod> well, if you want to ponder it some more, the most important thing to start with is to figure out what knobs would need to be allowed to be tweaked
<robinsmidsrod> once we have that, we have to make a data structure to hold it
<robinsmidsrod> once we have that, we need to create a worker that can build said artifact from data structure
<robinsmidsrod> once we have that, we need a way to remote orchestrate it (I like zeromq for that)
<robinsmidsrod> once we have that, we can make a web and/or desktop client
<robinsmidsrod> (or even cmdline)
<robinsmidsrod> imagine having a java application you can start with web start or something, it asks you for some configuration details, it gives you a file chooser for setting your embedded scripts and such and you should be ready to go, send it off to the build farm and back you get a binary after a short while

Also see my post to the mailing-list:
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