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iPXE GSoC 2013 participation collaboration meeting (using Google+ Hangouts)
2013-04-20, 10:41
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RE: iPXE GSoC 2013 participation collaboration meeting (using Google+ Hangouts)
For those of you that wasn't there, here is the discussion thread on why we were rejected from this year's GSoC. Hopefully this is food for thought for any future participation.

<w9|copyleft|ipxe> got time for ipxe too?
<carols> yes i do.
<carols> hold on just a sec.
<w9|copyleft|ipxe> (sine I'm the nominated stand-in for both orgs)
<carols> ah, so this was a different case.
<carols> we really liked ipxe's ideas page and ideas.
<carols> and application.
<carols> but this year, like most years, we always struggle with the open source hardware space.
<carols> i completely understand that a lot of it can be done without hardware.
<w9|copyleft|ipxe> that being said at least having a chunk of hardware does help
<carols> but it's sort of a point not in your favor if the students might need hardware in order to participate.
<carols> and the bar was already set high this year from the other orgs' applications.
<w9|copyleft|ipxe> fair enough, would it help (in the future) if we offered to provide hardware?
<carols> somewhat.
<w9|copyleft|ipxe> we'll keep that in mind
<carols> but what about customs issues getting it to remote places?
<carols> and what if it's broken in shipping?
<w9|copyleft|ipxe> well network cards are fairly small, but the point is taken
<carols> and how does the student prove they've got the chops for the project without the hardware? and do you delay the project if it gets stuck in shipping somewhere?
<carols> anyway
<carols> it's not insurmountable
<carols> but it's just a higher bar
<carols> and so when we were making tough decisions already…
<w9|copyleft|ipxe> fair enough :-)
<carols> :-)
<w9|copyleft|ipxe> we'll try again next year
<carols> awesome, please do.
<w9|copyleft|ipxe> and might find another umbrella org to hide under again
<carols> thanks again for waiting.
<w9|copyleft|ipxe> no prob
<carols> cool :-)
<carols> i hope you have a nice weekend
<w9|copyleft|ipxe> you too!
<carols> cheers
<carols> moving along
<carols> !nextinline
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