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RHEL6.4 iSCSI boot with iPXE
2013-05-10, 02:13
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RHEL6.4 iSCSI boot with iPXE

I am trying to boot RHEL6.4 over iSCSI using iPXE to start the boot process. I’ve done this before on boards which had BIOS iSCSI boot support and it works fine so I know RHEL6.4 supports iSCSI boot. However, I can’t quite seem to get it to work with iPXE.

My process is:
1. Boot RHEL installer from ISO
2. Mount iSCSI target using iSCSI support in installer GUI
3. Install RHEL as usual, no special settings
4. Reboot and boot from iPXE on USB key
5. Use iPXE script to configure network interface and sanboot from iSCSI target

It almost works… iPXE is able to configure the network and connect the target and begin the boot process. I can actually see RHEL loading for a while so I know boot has begun. However, before boot completes, it crashes as shown in the attached screenshot. My theory is this is happening when the iSCSI connection is handed off from iPXE to the native iSCSI initiator in RHEL, but that is just a guess, I don’t really have any evidence for that being the case.

Is this a known problem? Any known tips or tricks or workarounds I might try?



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