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sanboot command with http server iso
2013-05-14, 16:11
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RE: sanboot command with http server iso
(2013-05-13 16:52)mcb30 Wrote:  The image would have to contain some kind of HTTP block device driver.

It's almost certainly easier to use the distro's native facilities for network booting. Most distro installers will allow the kernel command line to specify a URL for locating the remaining files.

The distro's I want to use don't have or don't have documented a kernel commandline for specifying the other files.

I am looking for a linux distro that is small, has freerdp 1.0.x
Porteus and TinyCore both look good but also both fail to locate the other files. One of the developers of porteus give me the hint that I must look in the linuxrc file.
So I was thinking wat makes other linux distro's work pxe boot out-of-the-box and what changes are needed to make this one work.
A http block device driver (httpfs2) is included in the distro.
Only I have no idea how to make it work with ipxe.
And even then the question remains what do other linux distro's have that it works direct out-of-the-box.
But first things first. Can you tell me or give me a hint where to look? What needs to be modified to make it work?
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