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[help] Installing Win xp over IPXE
2013-05-20, 19:39
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[help] Installing Win xp over IPXE
Hello there fellows. I need some help badly. I want to install windows XP and other windows based systems over PXE. I would like to learn how to make an install that works well.

First off this is how i got it set up.

PXE handshake is picked up by my router. Then my router sends it to that is my webserver [windows xp system] that sends an file i got called undionly.kpxe

Then it boots up and you type dhcp and then you can go to http://ipadress/win7/boot.ipxe and it installs windows seven. That works just fine.

How do i make the same type of deal with windows xp? Would like to build an libary that is PXE based.

Softwares im running
Smoothwall 3.0
TFTPD (newest version)
Apache WAMP5

Also got Bulletproof FTPD ftp server that is more hightech. And of corse i got windows filesharing at my disposal.

Would be EXTREMELY gratefull if i got some help with this im admit PXE is something i am an extreme n00b at.
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