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New iPXE couple of question
2013-06-03, 11:53
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New iPXE couple of question
I am relatively new to IPXE and after being recommended have found it extremelu useful.

I have managed to get something working using the examples around but have a couple of issues.

Firstly when my menu times out of I select exist the local boot does not continue and I get "no more network devices" message and a brief press Ctrl+B for iPXE prompt and then it just sits there and never returns to the local bios boot.

Seondly I am trying to set up my boot menu for multiple other pxe servers and I cannot get my windows server to work.

I have a pxelinux.0 server chain working fine but the Widnows Deployment Server WDS boot is not working. If I boot directly from the WDS server it works fine.

I have an ISC DHCP server which is chainloading undionly.0 first to get the iPXE menu by looking the user-class value. This all works fine.

the code for the WDS server is

set 210:string tftp://
chain ${210:string}Boot\\x86\\ || goto failed
goto start

This talks to the WDS server and downloads the inital file and then fails to boot. It appears to be still talking to the iPXE boot server

The actual output is
tftp:// ok

Downloaded WDSNBP...

Architecture: x64
WDSNBP started using DHCP Referral.
Contacting server: (Gateway:
no response from Windows Deployment Services server.
TFTP download failedCould not boot: Error 0x00000001 (
Booting failed,dropping to shell
Type exit to get the back to the menu

My iPXE server is and the WDS server is

Does any one have any suggestion on what is happening and how to get it working.

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