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Tunnel iscsi through https
2013-06-15, 21:11
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RE: Tunnel iscsi through https
It is do-able on paper, but most VPNs are fairly "lossy". VPN is very concerned about timestamps on packets, and most will retransmit or request a retransmit from the host/client. But TCP is a "best effort" protocol, and VPN Servers/ Clients are written with WANs in mind. Thus, VPNs add latency, and will tolerate a fair number dropped packets. But iSCSI inside of a VPN tunnel doesn't know it's in a tunnel, it can handle latency to a degree, but packet loss can cause major problems very quickly.

I don't know a single network engineer who will support even the idea of iSCSI in a VPN Tunnel.

(2013-06-15 11:59)jrsmile Wrote:  I send a mail to vendor-support to discuss the project.
(2013-06-09 18:46)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  Wouldn't it be easier to set up a VPN between you and your clients location, and just use iSCSI without tunnelling, or is that too much of an overhead in terms of administration?

My solution is for endusers, they should just install a preburned nic and have a dataplan registered to them where they can backup their whole machine encrypted in the cloud. In case of a breakdown ipxe will provide their backup via https, select their image and download it from the net and reinstall it to their harddrive.

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