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iSCSI boot shows error at boot time using OpenELEC
2013-07-15, 11:21
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iSCSI boot shows error at boot time using OpenELEC
Hello there,

I posted this already in the OpenELEC forums but nobody seems to know anything about this issue.

I recently installed OpenELEC 3.1.1 testing on an iSCSI target (Synology Diskstation 411slim) which is connected via Gigabit ethernet to a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND. OpenELEC runs on an Asus E45M1-M PRO, also connected via Gigabit ethernet to the TP-Link. The TP-Link runs Gargoyle firmware v1.5.10. Its WLAN is bridged to an AVM FRITZ!Box 7330 which acts as gateway to the Internet.

Installation of OpenELEC was fine with the help from

Everything went fine until the database has been created (about ~500 MB). Since then, I get this error very often at boot time:

Error in mount_flash: iscsistart: Unable to auto connect
System halted.

I recently updated to OpenELEC 3.1.2, but nothing changed. In 3 of 4 tries, I get the error at boot time and I have to reset the system. With a little bit of luck, the system then boots normally and everything is fine.

I am using iPXE "The Hard and Techy Way":

That's my start script to boot OpenELEC:

echo Booting Openelec from iSCSI for ${initiator-iqn}
set root-path ${base-iscsi}:DiskStation
sanboot ${root-path} || goto retry_sanboot

Every idea is welcome!

Thank you very much!
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