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When do I use .pxe, .kpxe, and .kkpxe?
2013-07-29, 08:58
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RE: When do I use .pxe, .kpxe, and .kkpxe?
I just want to add to what Sedorox said.

You usually use a .pxe when you want to use native iPXE drivers, most likely loading ipxe.pxe using chainloading.

And .kpxe is most commonly used with undionly.kpxe, because it allows you to use the driver of the vendor PXE ROM (which is handy when iPXE doesn't support your card, or the iPXE driver is broken in some way).

I would have to argue that .pxe and .kpxe is the more commonly used forms, and .kkpxe is mostly used for buggy BIOSes and .kkkpxe is just for the ipxelinux.0 build (and nothing else).

I am also a user of ipxe.pxe at home, because all my hardware is supported.
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