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When do I use .pxe, .kpxe, and .kkpxe?
2013-08-14, 22:45 (This post was last modified: 2013-08-14 22:47 by MultimediaMan.)
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RE: When do I use .pxe, .kpxe, and .kkpxe?
Adding to what Robin said: It is possible, indirectly at least, to create an 'intermediate' script which determines if your hardware should chain ipxe.pxe or continue on with undionly.kpxe.

Example: 'checkipxe.ipxe'
#Check for known Platforms.

set 1_lp_c:int32 0

:1_prod_set isset ${product} || goto 1_end_c

:1_loop_0 set 1_product Latitude E6320 ; set 1_argument 1_stay-undi ; set 1_return_loop 1_loop_1 ; goto 1_function

:1_loop_1 set 1_product PowerEdge R720 ; set 1_argument 1_go-native ; set 1_return_loop 1_loop_end ; goto 1_function

:1_loop_end goto 1_stay-undi

:1_function iseq ${product} ${1_product} && goto ${1_argument} || goto 1_end_c

:1_stay-undi echo ; echo Attempting UNDI Boot Script... ; chain -ar ${17}/default.ipxe && goto 1_end_c || goto 1_end_c

:1_go-native echo ; echo Attempting Native Boot Kernel... ; chain ${17}/webipxe.pxe && goto 1_end_c ||

:1_end_c exit

It's not a perfect method, but if you have a reasonable hardware inventory you might find this workable.



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