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iPXE SAN boot VBox with Fedora14
2011-08-09, 19:25
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RE: iPXE SAN boot VBox with Fedora14
(2011-08-08 18:07)Sha0 Wrote:  I'm not sure that I understand why you'd want to boot more than one computer to the same SAN.

If multiple computers write to the same filesystem and that filesystem isn't designed for such multi-client use, that could be trouble!

1. I was trying to use one SAN image for different users, similar to the idea of terminal server. Unfortunately, Fedora 14 locks MAC address. It's not that trivial for me to unlock...

2. Also, a bit unrelated, I was trying to boot and run VBox (or other VM) using SAN as the root file system. I am hoping that after a short period of network outage, the system can still work. It looks like open-iscsi does not yet work for off-line mode. Any suggestions on the off-line mode?
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