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[HOWTO] Using QNAP TS-221 as PXE server / iscsi target.
2013-12-15, 19:15
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RE: [HOWTO] Using QNAP TS-221 as PXE server / iscsi target.
I, i try that you show but it doesnt work for me...

- enabled tftp server on qnap and the directory is /public
- set directory permission to readonly for the guest
- downloaded undionly.kpxe and copy into this directory (/public)
- created go.ipxe into same directory
- edit go.ipxe with a real iscsi target that i created before and copy the correct iqn
- i have a dsl d-link 2750b (it can be dchp server but it doenst have an option for tftp server... (maybe i dont found it?)) so i need my ts-469l be dhcp but if i enable it on ethernet 1 dnsmasq say that: "error already exist dhcp server"... to work i need to create a real dhcp server with dnsmasq (and disable the other) with this config with my real network

pxe-service=net:#ipxe,x86PC, "lanboot", undionly.kpxe

save it and start dnsmasq (my ps -aux)
[/etc/config] # ps -aux | grep dnsmasq
15761 admin 416 S /opt/sbin/dnsmasq
25005 admin 548 S < grep dnsmasq

now i can try to pxe boot but i have several errors.
on the virtual box have this
TFTP error 1 (no such file/no access)

by a netboot (boot agent PXE)

auto-select: lanboot
pxe-t01: no such file/no access
pxe-e3b: tftp error - file not found
pxe-m0f: exiting intel pxe rom

where is my problem??
last question.. if by anyone way i can boot without problem, to install windows i need to uncomment set skip-san-boot 1 but then i must boot from cd-rom (insert before) and i see the iscsi like a normal hard disk? or what?

thanks for the help! i need to have windows 7 diskless with pxe boot...
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