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RTL8111/8168B: No network connectivity
2013-09-22, 17:50
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RE: RTL8111/8168B: No network connectivity
(2013-09-22 15:26)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  You fail to mention which version (git commit id please) of iPXE you're using.


I'm not sure that those Ubuntu notes you mention has anything to do with iPXE, or that you're a bit confused as to how iPXE drivers actually work. They're not related to Linux drivers at all (they just happen to mostly share their names).

Just wanted to mention that I had problems with Linux kernel drivers. I have been reading the rt816x driver source for better understanding of the iPXE implementation.

You are using the method mentioned on to create an iPXE binary, are you not?

I am following the instructions to build from source.

make bin/ipxe.usb DEBUG=realtek:3

I think DEBUG=realtek is enough (:3 is a bit of overkill and has a tendency to scroll by quickly and hide the initial problem), and try to include another picture with just the initial parts + the first dhcp command compiled from the latest git version of iPXE. You could also try and run through the tests on to see where you get problems.

I will try running through the driver test today. This seems like a logic next step, thanks Smile
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