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wifi boot gets stuck (ath9k)
2014-12-15, 13:07
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RE: wifi boot gets stuck (ath9k)
(2013-10-12 11:38)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  It might be broken, or just very slow. You can verify performance by going through the steps at and report back if you have issues on any of the tests. Remember to include the type of network you have (802.11a,b,g or n) and what kind of download speeds you get in your OS (for comparison). On a gigabit network 500MB file should take approx. 5s if everything is configured properly. Wireless is obviously slower. How much depends on several environmental factors, suck as radio noise/interference.

I would suggest you use iperf to test the bandwidth in the OS. It gives pretty accurate numbers.

A cannot do http for 512mb files in wifi: wpa2 g/n network)
A can do small files transfer, but it fails with files greater than 256K, it get stuck.
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