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Intel i350 Windows 7 BSOD 0x74
2013-11-22, 12:16 (This post was last modified: 2013-11-28 10:35 by bleckers.)
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Intel i350 Windows 7 BSOD 0x74

I have 20x Supermicro X9SRG-F boards that I am trying to iSCSI boot Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 on with iPXE. Unfortunately I get an "Autochk program not found - Skipping Autocheck" message flash on the screen and then get a BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO (0x74,0x00000074) BSOD after the first reboot when installing Windows. These machines work fine with various flavours of Linux with iSCSI/NFS booting with iPXE and they boot when installing Windows to an SSD/HDD.

Here is the windbg output:

I have exhausted all options with regard to this and I come to the forums for help. I have tried the following:

Memtest overnight.
Different machines.
Removing all hardware except for CPU/RAM (one stick).
Tried ipxe.pxe and undionly.kpxe.
Slipstreaming intel chipset (inf) drivers.
Different Intel NIC driver versions.
Updated bios.
Updated ipmi firmware.
Installing from sata cdrom.
Numerous bios settings: usb, chipset etc.
Different iscsi targets - zfs(iscsitadm)/ietadm.
Different networking architectures/switches.
Bcdedit checks (make sure that it's drive c: that it's trying to load).
Mount iscsi target on another Windows machine. This works fine.
Check registry hives once mounted. They seem fine.

I am using the ipxe-2b86978 ( checkout of iPXE (this build works for all of our other machines). Looking through the later commits didn't show anything that might be worth the upgrade. I had also tried a December 2012 build but it yielded the same error.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions, I am at my wit's end.
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