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iPXE framebuffer (pictures)...
2013-12-17, 11:37
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RE: iPXE framebuffer (pictures)...
(2013-12-17 09:07)MultimediaMan Wrote:  I haven't really delved into this yet, but what is the effect of loading images on different menu items? Are they just pushed through FIFO or are they somehow resident?

I'm not sure exactly what that question means. Hopefully the following may be relevant:

Background pictures will be automatically imgfreed (unless the --keep option is specified in the "console" command).

Extra memory is allocated to hold the pre-rendered copy of the background image; this is automatically freed when shutting down iPXE (e.g. to boot an OS, or to exit), or when resetting the console (e.g. to load a new background image, or to switch back to text mode).

The external memory allocator is quite simplistic. It is definitely possible to create usage patterns which will quickly exhaust the available memory.

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