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Set from script?
2013-12-20, 22:11
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RE: Set from script?
(2013-12-20 16:21)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  Yes, you can set it in a script, but that script will need to be an embedded script, or else the DHCP request from within ipxe has already been performed when you do it.

I don't quite remember how exactly the syntax for the option space is supposed to look, but it could be that this one should work:
set no-pxedhcp 1

I have been testing with iPXE 1.0.0+(8f01) by using <Ctrl+B> and then typing the commands manually. Correct me if I'm wrong but it should also work that way. (In final form I do plan on having an embedded script.) Using "set no-pxedhcp 1" followed by "dhcp net0" makes no difference in the amount of time for the DHCP request compared to just issuing "dhcp net0" immediately at the command prompt. The "no-pxedhcp setting doesn't show up in the configuration tool which made me suspect that there had to be some other way to accomplish this.

I have also tried:
set 175.176:hex 1
with a result of:
Could not store "175.176": Invalid argument (
set 175.176:string 1

with the same result as setting no-pxedhcp to 1. None of these options seem to affect the duration of the DHCP session at all.
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