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ipxe wimboot RAM payload issue (512 MB)
2014-01-08, 10:48
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RE: ipxe wimboot RAM payload issue (512 MB)
(2014-01-08 08:31)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  Well, the RAM disk needs to be somewhere, and that quote can be misinterpreted. What it means is that the memory required for the RAM disk is used only once, and when Windows loads that memory is controlled by Windows, not iPXE, which means that it is not lost for the duration of the Windows session and cannot be used for anything. But the RAM disk will occupy space in memory until the drive letter is unmounted and freed. In case of the Windows installer that is until reboot. So to install Win7 using wimboot you'll need more memory.

Thank you Robin. So this works more or less like memdisk except that memdisk boots ISO's and img's and wimboot boots wim's.
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