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wimboot MDT generated WinPE 5 with wimboot
2014-01-20, 08:46
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RE: wimboot MDT generated WinPE 5 with wimboot
Hmm. This is odd. You're saying memdisk works, but wimboot doesn't. Have you tried to sanboot the ISO (just like memdisk does). That should also work, as it is more or less the same as memdisk, but the entire ISO isn't loaded into memory at once, it is loaded as it is requested.

The error message does seem to indicate that the PE wants to read something else from the ISO outside the .wim file. If that is the case, you _might_ be able to trick it by adding additional lines in your wimboot ipxe script to load those files into the emulated fat drive wimboot creates. That is highly untested territory, though, so it might fail miserably. Also try to enable boot logging during WinPE startup, to see where it hangs.
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