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iPXE iSCSI sanboot unreliable with 82573L at 1Gbit
2014-02-14, 10:27
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RE: iPXE iSCSI sanboot unreliable with 82573L at 1Gbit
Also, you might be hitting some kind of issue related to iSCSI keep-alive (NOP In) packets. They are not supported, and when iPXE receives one, it'll drop the connection and reattach. It could be that your iSCSI target is having issues with this behavior. If you're able to disable NOP In packets (keep-alive) on the target you might have better luck. Can't really understand how this relates to the NIC having to be forced to 100Mbit though...

Awaiting response on the driver tests. Especially the loopback and high-MTU tests are good at disclosing bugs. But it does seem like your problem is even earlier than that.

Aah, you're trying to use the old Intel driver (which was based on the Linux driver). I wouldn't recommend that you continue using that, as it is no longer supported and any question arising would just be met with the suggestion to upgrade to the latest version (with the new Intel driver). I'd suggest you try to patch the new driver to force it into 100Mbit half-duplex instead and see if that is also stable.

Also, the normal DEBUG=intel should give you some register output right after 'dhcp' command that should shed some light, together with ifstat and route command output.
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