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wimboot: no bootmgr.exe
2014-03-07, 16:45
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RE: wimboot: no bootmgr.exe
(2014-03-07 00:20)VirtualNobody Wrote:  So it looks like I need to do an ifopen net0....(why is it closed?) to enable the interface.

Difficult to say why it's closed at that point without being able to see what happened immediately beforehand. The interface gets closed automatically after a failed DHCP attempt; could that be it? If you're manually setting a static IP address instead of using DHCP then you need the "ifopen" to open the interface, since nothing else will do it.

Quote:It also looks like undionly.kpxe is not paying any attention to DHCP options 209 and 210.

Correct; those are pxelinux extensions with no meaning to iPXE.

Quote:If I manually chain boot the menu file, I can now get wimboot to load SCCM, but then I get the box:
Unable to read task sequence configuration disk.

Is there a pxe driver I need to have the Windows guys integrate with their config?

Or is this because the Windows group hasn't fully followed the SCCM how to? I had them take a look at the web page, and they said they would have to dig further as the how to was referencing out of date imagex instead of the new dism command, and they would need to investigate what else needs to change.

If your Windows group hasn't modified the SCCM image as per the instructions on, then you will get that error. The instructions for modifying SCCM are not purely decorative; they are required to make SCCM work when loaded via wimboot. (Parts of SCCM make some assumptions which are not valid when wimboot is used; e.g. that the virtual FAT filesystem created by wimboot remains accessible once Windows has started.)

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