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[SOLVED] RE: iPXE & WDS [Prestaged: false]
2014-03-24, 23:52
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RE: iPXE & WDS [Prestaged: false]
(2014-03-24 23:44)KingBonecrusher Wrote:  It seems that the wds-tftp rejects ipxe request completely.

Not in general, as iPXE and WDS work as expected in my test environment.

Are you sure it isn't related to you using literal backslashes? I'm rather sure I saw examples that used %5C instead.

Also, in the picture you posted at the beginning of the thread, you're loading a from the x86 directory, then you try to TFTP pxeboot.n12 from the x64 directory. Seems a bit odd to me.

Maybe your best bet is to use iPXE interactively and go through the steps manually, possibly with tcpdump on the wire, to see what's actually happening "behind the scenes".

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