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[SOLVED] RE: iPXE & WDS [Prestaged: false]
2014-03-31, 09:42
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RE: iPXE & WDS [Prestaged: false]
(2014-03-29 02:57)BloodFox Wrote:  
(2014-03-24 12:59)KingBonecrusher Wrote:  I have only WDS, no SCCM. I have applied the patches to the bcd files. I have used your code...

set 252:string \Boot\BCD
imgexec tftp://${next-server}/Boot\${arch}\

Normally i have loaded the from an alternate server, direct loading fails instantly.... :huh!

Ipxe show the following error code:

(Error code 3d1260)

Error: Inappropriate I/O control operation


i got this error too, and i know why:
iPXE send TFTP Request is this: /Boot\${arch}\
the "/" is reason, WDS TFTP dosn't locate "/", but "\" or "" is ok

so, modify source code tftp.c

static int tftp_send_rrq ( struct tftp_request *tftp ) {
const char *path = tftp->uri->path;

modify to:

static int tftp_send_rrq ( struct tftp_request *tftp ) {
const char *path = tftp->uri->path + 1;

BTW: i'm sorry, my english is very poor. Sad

I will try it! Could be the problem!

But at all, take a look on pxechn.c32, works really nice here!
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