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iPXE, wimboot, UEFI, secure boot, oh my!
2014-04-03, 16:01
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RE: iPXE, wimboot, UEFI, secure boot, oh my!
(2014-04-02 22:06)VirtualNobody Wrote:  They are now asking when UEFI and Secure Boot can be supported? I've searched threw the forums here, and I see statements that UEFI support is in the works, but no real time line as to when that might happen.

Is there a planned time line? I know this is open source software and things get done as the project maintainers have time, I'm just looking for a wag...6 months? 12? 18? 24?

Less than six months.

Quote:Of course the big question mark hanging over our heads is Secure Boot. Is booting Windows 8 via PXE in Secure Boot mode even going to be possible by Open Source developers?

I do have a code signing cert and Microsoft did sign some iPXE UEFI binaries last year. The process seems to be extremely slow, and I haven't yet investigated speeding it up to the point of being useful.

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