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Mac Mini EFI > PXE > Ubuntu LTSP?
2014-06-25, 22:01
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RE: Mac Mini EFI > PXE > Ubuntu LTSP?
I have a similar setup, happy to help debug this one. Just drop me a line.

(2014-05-19 08:24)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  charlescva: The behavior you're seeing is consistent with a not totally compatible network card to the driver. Adding the PCI_ROM() line allows it to be detected, but the driver is not able to properly drive it. As I believe Mac computers don't come with a built-in PXE firmware that is compatible with UNDI your only option is to help out and try to get the tg3 driver to work on that Broadcom hardware. If you can spare time to debug with one of the core developers, I'd recommend you come on irc and have a chat with "thomil", he's the guy that has been taking care of the tg3 driver for some time now.
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