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Mac Pro (late 2013 model) EFI and iPXE booting
2014-05-19, 22:12 (This post was last modified: 2014-05-19 22:55 by Pretzel.)
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RE: Mac Pro (late 2013 model) EFI and iPXE booting
Hey Michael,
I downloaded and compiled and your code is a much cleaner fix than my hackery.

The code is now failing at line 224 of /interface/efi/efi_init.c

The last 3 lines of the output were:
EFI configuration table eb9d2d31-2d88-11d3-9a16-0090273fc14d is at 0x7e4ae000
EFI image base address 0x71eba000
EFI could not get loaded image device path protocol: Error 0x7f39e083 (

eb9d2d31-2d88-11d3-9a16-0090273fc14d appears to be EFI_SMBIOS_TABLE (according to -- I'm assuming that's okay.


I added the following code around line 229:

        DBGC ( systab, "efirc = %d and rc = %d", (int)efirc, (int)rc);
        DBGC ( systab, "loaded image device path GUID = %s\n", efi_guid_ntoa(&efi_loaded_image_device_path_protocol_guid));
        DBGC ( systab, "loaded image path = %p\n", loaded_image_path);

and the results I got were:

efirc =3 and rc = -2134499459
loaded image device path GUID = bc62157e-3e33-4fec-9920-2d3b36d750df
loaded image path = 0x0

Looks like RC 3 = RETURN_UNSUPPORTED, right?
So I commented out the "return efirc;" on line 231 and the "DBGC_EFI_DEVPATH ( systab, efi_loaded_image_path );" on line 235 and recompiled.

And it loads iPXE!

But unfortunately, the Mac Pro 2013 network card seems to be unsupported.

The EFI shell command "pci" lists two (2) "Network Controller - Ethernet controller" devices as 14E4-1682 which is the Broadcom NetXtreme BCM57762 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe card (according to this website: )
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