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Mac Pro (late 2013 model) EFI and iPXE booting
2015-01-11, 13:04
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RE: Mac Pro (late 2013 model) EFI and iPXE booting
Hello Kiwi66!

Thank you for you posting and the detailed descripton! I am working on the same problem some time now and thanks to your post I could finally get macbooks to netboot IPXE. I used your nbi file and ipxe starts up fine but when it tries to load via TFTP it get an "exec format error". usual PXE with BIOS Laptops from this file works. See attached image!
[Image: AADxjrB5k_RABPu5_sIid-eua]
do you maybe have an idea?

Thank you

(2015-01-04 01:44)kiwi66 Wrote:  I have documented my work here:

it includes a script to build a NBI from the src directly.
Now I can boot from the network into IPXE , fetch my config via HTTP from my webserver and then load linux kernel and ramdisk.

There's a few things which don't work when trying to build IPXE on MacOS X, namely it uses clang and not gcc and that spills out some warnings as errors which then stop the compilation. But compiling it under Linux and using it on a Mac works just fine.
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