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Apple xserve booting
2014-07-11, 14:55
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RE: Apple xserve booting
(2014-07-11 01:24)mcb30 Wrote:  
(2014-07-10 21:13)goldenfri Wrote:  
(2014-07-10 18:56)mcb30 Wrote:  What are you aiming to boot? If it's a Linux kernel, you'll need to use one with CONFIG_EFI_STUB enabled.
Yes, its a linux kernel. How do I include "CONFIG_EFI_STUB"?

CONFIG_EFI_STUB is a Linux kernel compilation option. Try opening your kernel in a hex editor: if the first two bytes are "MZ" then you have a kernel with CONFIG_EFI_STUB enabled.

CONFIG_EFI_STUB causes the kernel binary to become a valid EFI executable, which allows it to be invoked by iPXE (or even directly from the EFI shell).

I am trying to use a pxelinux.0 with maas so I imagine it should already have that enabled, but I will try and investigate that, thanks.

Is there any significance to not having all the additional "Features" that the default build has though? I can't help but think that may actually be my problem because they are mentioned in the page that describes the error. Do these features need to be specifically compiled? Sorry I'm not a developer so my knowledge is limited.
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