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unique root path for each IP?
2014-07-18, 17:32
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unique root path for each IP?
Hi folks. This is actually a ISC DHCP server question but I wonder if someone here may have dealt with the same issue and know the solution.

I have a bed of diskless clients which boot over iSCSI using iPXE. Each client receives an IP and root path from the DHCP server, the root path points to a unique iSCSI target. The way this is implemented in the DHCP server today is to statically pair the IP and root path with each client’s MAC address, for example:

host initiator1 {
hardware ethernet 00:0C:29:A8:93Big GrinF;
filename "";
option root-path "";

The downside of this is that I have to know the MAC of every client. I don’t actually care which client gets which IP or which target, all clients are identical, so as long as they all get a unique IP and target not given to any other client at the same time I’m good. Ideally I would just like to pair the IPs and targets, since the DHCP server already handles keeping IPs unique a 1:1 pairing with targets will also ensure targets are unique. Is it possible to set up dhcpd.conf to do something like this:

When issuing issue root path ""
When issuing issue root path ""

When issuing issue root path ""

Or even more compact, can we do something like this:

When issuing 10.0.0.X issue root path ""

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