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IPXE Error (Unsupported NIC/Intel)
2014-10-30, 14:14 (This post was last modified: 2014-10-30 14:52 by Fr3DBr.)
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RE: IPXE Error (Unsupported NIC/Intel)
(2014-10-30 14:10)mcb30 Wrote:  
(2014-10-30 14:05)Fr3DBr Wrote:  I've did what you've suggest, but no luck yet Sad

Unfortunately my psychic powers are at a low ebb today and I am unable to magically guess what is wrong with your setup. You are going to have to provide some actual diagnostic information. For example: what does "ifstat" show after a manual "dhcp" attempt? Does your DHCP server see the DHCP request? Does your DHCP server respond with a DHCP offer?


Michael, we have other servers which are working fine. The DHCP Helper is implemented in the network and if we use that same network port, for another server (that is a bit older than this one), it works fine with ipxe, just 'this model' is refusing to work.

Also, we have another server of the same type, but one generation before this one we received yesterday and it also works fine !

Check the screenshot, there is something strange there, because in the DHCP, the mac address shows as :AC (nic 0) but the ipxe loader, thinks nic 0 is :AF which is nic 4, why that happens ?

The problem is exactly the one I mention, the i350 driver seems to be ordering the NICs in the wrong way, and then I have issues, because the MAC in the DHCP Boot Loader is one, but in IPXE Loader it is another, hence why the DHCP Lease is not obtained during the "configuration step". :/
Here is ifstat in IPXE (with ISO booting, instead of PXE Booting as before).

[Image: i9ZABBuDbRd1j.png]
Indeed the MAC/Interface Ordering is incorrect (as shown above) but not sure how to fix that.
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