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IPXE Error (Unsupported NIC/Intel)
2014-10-30, 16:02 (This post was last modified: 2014-10-30 16:11 by Fr3DBr.)
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RE: IPXE Error (Unsupported NIC/Intel)
(2014-10-30 15:59)mcb30 Wrote:  
(2014-10-30 15:23)Fr3DBr Wrote:  
Quote:OK, this is now useful information. If you add a DHCP reservation for the 38:ea:a7:14:7c:af address, does iPXE successfully obtain an address?
Yes, it does. Looks like to be an enumeration issue between the MAC Relationship and the PCI Device ID. (I am not a driver developer, but I guess that's a way to describe that).

OK; glad that we've eliminated any functional problems in driving the NIC.

Could you try building with DEBUG=intel? This will show some additional information about the source of the MAC addresses.



I am not able to build it from here, but is there any way to do it using the iso image available in the website ?


Nvm, I'll try to find a way to build it and report back Tongue
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