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Infoblox and iPXE
2014-11-10, 04:27
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RE: Infoblox and iPXE
Michael, Thank you for the tip on building with the DEBUG option. I built it with the dhcp and intel options. We were easily able to find the problem with the output. We have a local infoblox and a centralized fail over: both of which intentionally respond to the DHCP requests. The problem is both request go out and both DHCP servers respond, but our Cisco firewall is chopping off the second responder as it thinks the connection should be closed down. The dhcp servers are not in the same VLAN as the end points using iPXE. We can see that iPXE will ignore a DHCP response from an IP that differs from offer where gPXE was not as strict. As a work around I will have to dive in and see if I can find that logic in the source, but if anyone can reduce my search time I would appreciate it. We are also opening up a ticket with Cisco to fix the real problem, but there turn around time is typically sub optimal.
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