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DHCP configuring error 0x40ee186
2015-01-05, 01:37
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RE: DHCP configuring error 0x40ee186
Oh, that isn't right root cause at 29/12, at that day, i built snponly.efi and boot fail, then i reported this issue, and then i built a ipxe.efi and boot OK, so i think maybe i need to use ipxe.efi, but after these, i found it booted up OK with snponly.efi, i review my testing again, i found my testing NB have been changed, and current that boot fail NB has been shipping out, but i rember that NB is a realtek LAN, not Intel LAN card.
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RE: DHCP configuring error 0x40ee186 - Richard_Compal - 2015-01-05 01:37

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