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Dell laptop hangs on initialsing devices
2015-03-09, 11:32
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RE: Dell laptop hangs on initialsing devices
If you're using undionly.kpxe you're not using the atl1c driver. If you want to test from scratch that the atl1c driver is working with your additional code then you should be cold-booting the machine via usb stick using ipxe.usb. Then you should go through the test at to verify what parts work and which do not. If every test actually passes then you should submit the code change to the mailing-list so that it can be included. If some of the tests fail, then you should report that to the mailing-list as well.

You could also test undionly.kpxe using the driver test mentioned above, to ensure it is behaving properly on your hardware. If it doesn't, that also warrants a bug report to the mailing-list.

It does seem like you have some partial success according to the logs above, so it would be good to figure out exactly what is failing and what is working.
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