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raspberry version?
2016-01-17, 09:28
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RE: raspberry version?
(2015-12-15 07:56)carlfk Wrote:  > iPXE will only run/boot x86 and x86_64 CPUs
ok, so no ipxe on arm, right?
Not yet atleast.

(2015-12-15 07:56)carlfk Wrote:  > However if you have an i386 cross-compiler setup on your Pi give it a try
What is the point of this?
If the Pi is the only device available that runs linux and you need to compile ipxe, lets say to enable debuging, then running the compile on the ARM cpu might be an option.

(2016-01-17 08:57)plachance Wrote:  Any plan to support ARM? A lot of interesting IoT use cases could implemented using iPXE control boot process on ARM devices... Any painpoints identified yet or estimation of the effort?
mcb30 might have looked at this but have not seen any work so far.
Assuming that ARM runs EFI (to avoid the assembly part needed otherwise) it might not be that hard but still needs some platform specific handling.

One way to start is to make sure mcb30 have the needed hw to test on and develop against.

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