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zlib error
2015-06-02, 23:43
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RE: zlib error
(2015-05-21 20:40)nixer Wrote:  [HOSTCC] util/zbin
util/zbin.c:7:18: fatal error: lzma.h: No such file or directory
#include <lzma.h>
compilation terminated.
Makefile.housekeeping:1294: recipe for target 'util/zbin' failed
make: *** [util/zbin] Error 1
-end quote

I have all the required dependencies installed and I am trying to run this on a debian jessie install. I have found a few posts about this error from 2012 and it was noted to amend the make command with NO_WERROR=1 but this does not change the result. It still fails.

You are most likely missing the liblzma-dev dependency,
it was added in commit 5350b dated 21 Feb 2015, so I wonder which post you have found about that issue in 2012 ? Wink

(2015-05-21 20:40)nixer Wrote:  Need to do - On another corporate network, I need to use a usb device to point the boot information to a specific ip address on a LAN (and/or WAN), because I will not have access to the router or the dhcp server. Can this be done with iPXE? From reading, and more reading, it seems like it would be easy but I am having no luck at all.

You can use ipxe with an Embeded script that for example uses dhcp and then chains to any script you wish.

(2015-05-21 20:40)nixer Wrote:  What I have done - I have successfully created a usb boot device with grub installed, and I can boot the ipxe.iso file from it. But from there I am brain locked and can't get past this.

Hmm using grub to load an iso sounds wrong, especially since you have ipxe.lkrn

(2015-05-21 20:40)nixer Wrote:  Any help with the error message above and/or a way around this to make it work would be very appreciated. Thank you.

Hoping that installing the liblzma dependency gets you at least part of the way.

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