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How to use vesamenu.c32
2015-06-25, 17:34
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RE: How to use vesamenu.c32
(2015-06-21 15:52)glenc2004 Wrote:  Hello all. I'm really new to iPXE and for the last week been trying to figure out how to use vesamenu.c32 instead of the builtin menu. I am using vmware player but have access to esxi/vspehere environment but for testing purposes player is easier to deal with.

Since I do use DHCP or TFTP all my menus and such have to come from a web server While the standard menu works and works just fine I would like to use vesamenu.c32 but I have been unable to figure out how to load it properly. I am creating an ISO with a simple built in menu that prompt for the networking info and sets the network interface so it can talk on the network.

But I have found no documentation on the home page or the internet that shows how to use a different menu system. I have tried to piece together articles that I thought would help me but with no luck.

So how do I build my iso so that when I grab my menu from the web server it's using vesamenu.c32 instead?

boot iso -> input network info -> chain menu.ipxe from webserver (works!)

And yes. I have complied most of the features in the ISO including COMBOOT.



vesamenu is from the syslinux project, and there might be an issue with the format or other incompatible changes in syslinux since the COMBOOT implementation was made.

Otherwise I would recommend to look at the iPXE menu instead. and then use iPXE menu in VESA mode.

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