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Dell 13G Server wimboot black screen
2015-07-24, 04:37
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Dell 13G Server wimboot black screen
I seem to have encountered an issue with Dell's new 13G servers (Think R630, R730 etc).


BIOS Mode booting via undionly (Not EFI)
Dell 13G Poweredge Server

Things I have tried without success:

- Disabling USB 3.0
- Enabling and disabling the Legacy video misc option
- Disabling MMIO
- Upgrading to the latest available BIOS
- Injecting the Matrox video driver into my PE Image

Things I have done that are successful:

- Turing my WIM image into a bootable ISO with oscdimg and booting it directly from the iDRAC virtual CD drve. Works flawlessly every time.
- Booting the same image on a 12G server via iPXE. That also works. It only seems to be these 13G servers that I have issues with.

Behavior I see:

[Image: GrEYh3c.png]

[Image: hEd8dPY.png]

[Image: XUcEkHz.png]

After this last screen with the windows progress bar, it just goes black. I assume that the system is hung at this point because right after the PE environment loads, it should pull some files back from my razor server, and I never see that happen.

How best can I help troubleshoot this so I can provide the development community with meaningful information; since I appear to be getting to a fairly advanced point in the loading process?
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