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Booting CentOS 7 via iPXE on UEFI (HP G9)
2016-02-02, 00:44
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RE: Booting CentOS 7 via iPXE on UEFI (HP G9)
Ok, tried a variety of things. Most notably, took the kernel that's provided by EL Repo at and experimented. Will skip the details of various things which did not work.

What I've got at the moment seems to work, or at least gets me to the point in anaconda where I've got a problem with Kickstart. That's progress.

Solution, or should I say workaround, was to take the kernel image itself from the elrepo package above and replace the pxeboot/vmlinuz file. Then I took apart the pxeboot/initrd.img file and removed the lib/modules/3.10 drivers and replaced them with the ones from elrepo. Ran the necessary depmod and packaged up a new initrd.

With all of that, I'm able to boot right into anaconda. Seems like a solution even if it's far from ideal.

If this is interesting to anyone else, I'm happy to provide specific instructions. Will do so tomorrow, time permitting.


(2016-02-01 21:49)allenb Wrote:  
(2015-12-17 13:09)fbacchella Wrote:  Any news about that ? Just tried on Centos 7.2, no change.

Hi All,

I worked around it at the time, because CentOS 7 wasn't critical to me yet. But I'm back there now. Am building latest (as of today) iPXE from source, including 64 bit ipxe.efi module.

On an HP G8 box (BIOS), I'm able to boot as expected, using the "vmlinuz" and "initrd.img" files provided at (just an example).

On an HP G9 box (UEFI), the kernel boots but ultimately comes crashing down in the usual manner:

No filesystem could mount root, tried:
Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

Am going to swap in a different kernel and drivers to see if that makes any difference, will report back.
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