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iPXE.efi and wimboot Secure Boot Signing Status
2015-10-15, 22:12
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iPXE.efi and wimboot Secure Boot Signing Status

First of all thanks for this software, it works amazing and I am hoping to use it to finally have support and performance with WDS/MDT/SCCM commensurate with other network booting systems like Apple NetBoot.

I see from this article:

UEFI Secure Boot signing using a DigiCert eToken

And from these threads:

UEFI SecureBoot support
wimboot not loading
EFI BC build [Solved: secure boot]
Booting CentOS6.5 kernel failed with UEFI mode

That secure boot still does not have full support. This is the last piece we need to use iPXE more since we have lots of systems that ship with SecureBoot on by default now and we need 'out-of-box' support for SecureBoot as its not feasible for us to modify every system to disable it.

Is there anything a simple fan of this project can do to help this process? Is there any plans to pressure Microsoft more, or any testing ipxe.efi files we can beta test? My organization may be able to use contacts within MS to get this process to the right person's eyes, if this is purely a political / support issue from their EFI signing process.

Thanks again so much for the work you've done here, its really amazing how much better this process works than the antiquated TFTP-only process that WDS uses out of box.
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