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Boot Ubuntu 15 over http
2015-11-06, 02:03
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Boot Ubuntu 15 over http

I've been browsing around here for a few hours now and have only found one relevant thread that talks about using httpd to load a linux live iso.

At home, I have a Fedora 21 server in the basement, it's setup as a FOG server. I have the Ubuntu 15 x64 iso mounted as read-only in the web-root here: /var/www/html/ubuntu

when I use a web browser to browse to x.x.x.x/ubuntu I can see the contents of the iso.

for my ipxe menu entry, this is what I have so far but it's not working out...

kernel ${boot_url}/ubuntu/casper/vmlinuz.efi
initrd ${boot_url}/ubuntu/casper/initrd.lz
imgargs vmlinuz root=${boot_url}/ubuntu boot=casper netboot=http

The computer I've been trying to boot using this method has 3 gigs of ram and is a dual core.

With Google, I couldn't find a good list of parameters with examples. For instance, I simply guessed to use netboot=http but I'm not sure if this is right or not.

It appears that the kernel and init are pulled and loaded, and then I simply get a PXE-M0F error, it looks like it's tftp related.

What's going wrong here? Any help would be appreciated.
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