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undionly and oracle's virtualbox
2015-11-11, 13:38
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undionly and oracle's virtualbox

I've encountered a strange problem with ifup or dhcp command in virtualbox.

When virtual machines is started, its Intel UNDI PXE gets an IP from DHCP, and loads undionly.kpxe. I press Ctrl+B to get in shell.
ifstat shows net0's MAC address and state is closed.
I issue ifopen or dhcp command and its ok. Then chain to something. For better testing I chain to a script to load windows setup. Files are downloaded, wimboot started. After windows loads and asks for something I close the window so windows will reset, or press Reset button in virtualbox to restart the system.

No, again Intel UNDI PXE gets an IP and loads undionly.kpxe. I press Ctrl+B.
I issue ifopen - no message. Then I try to chain again - after a while I get connection timed out.
I try to use dhcp command. After a while I get error 0x040ee119.

So no connection, network interface remains closed. So I close the virtual machine's windows to shut down it. And open again. A cold start allows to bring interface up.

Now, the same oracle's virtual box at home. It boots with Intel UNDI PXE which gets an IP, downloads and starts undionly.kpxe. But even on cold start up, the network interface cannot be opened. I've tried to use iPXE firmware of virtualbox (unistalling extension pack) - the results are the same.

Using vmware have no problem with the undionly.kpxe. Even after restart it will open interface and chain.

So this is definetly a problem between iPXE and virtualbox.
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