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Incorrect attempt to use root-path
2015-11-22, 15:30
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RE: Incorrect attempt to use root-path
I suspect the bug crept in while trying to simplify some tests on root_path, in function "netboot(...)", in src/usr/autoboot.c. Result of git bisect:
53d2d9e3c37d6170341818a254e18d341ee15511 is the first bad commit
commit 53d2d9e3c37d6170341818a254e18d341ee15511
Author: Michael Brown <>
Date:   Wed Aug 26 22:35:42 2015 +0100

    [uri] Generalise tftp_uri() to pxe_uri()
    Merge the functionality of parse_next_server_and_filename() and
    tftp_uri() into a single pxe_uri(), which takes a server address
    (IPv4/IPv6/none) and a filename, and produces a URI using the rule:
     - if the filename is a hierarchical absolute URI (i.e. includes a
       scheme such as "http://" or "tftp://") then use that URI and ignore
       the server address,
     - otherwise, if the server address is recognised (according to
       sa_family) then construct a TFTP URI based on the server address,
       port, and filename
     - otherwise fail.
    Signed-off-by: Michael Brown <>

:040000 040000 049d01d87fd2bf3a79e50a272564a91d6cd33963 6d8fc518906fdb4f9ba419c4878742811de7ac55 Msrc
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