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Mac with MBR iPXE and bless nextonly
2016-02-12, 00:33 (This post was last modified: 2016-02-12 00:36 by MichalM.Mac.)
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RE: Mac with MBR iPXE and bless nextonly
(2016-02-11 15:46)SebastianRoth Wrote:  Have your tried loading iPXE via TFTP yet? No need to write anything to disk/USB key. Just put an iPXE EFI binary on your TFTP and off you go. Would be interesting to see if that's working or even causing a different error.

Yes. I can netboot ipxe.efi. However 64 bit ipxe.efi does not want to load 32 bit pxelinux.0 (Could not boot image: Exec format error) -> I have to use 32bit iPXE loaded through Mac's legacy BIOS mode.

Quote:And by the way, why do you need to chainload pxelinux from iPXE?
Faculty infrastructure is built this way to install PC classrooms. pxelinux is used to display menu with various options (boot linux over network to restore image on local hard drive, boot into memtest, etc.). So far so good. I am able to deploy Linux and Windows. Solving problem with --nextonly flag would help to automate it a bit more but I can live with it. For Mac side of thigs I user standard tools like NetBoot, DeployStudio, ASR multicast, AutoDMG, Munki, etc.
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