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HP X2 210 tablet (UEFI) hang
2016-03-01, 13:32
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RE: HP X2 210 tablet (UEFI) hang

have you heard anything from HP. My experiences with the HP x2 210 were as follows:

I couldn't get ArchLinux, nor Fedora Live USB flashdrives to boot. However, the alpha/beta release of Ubuntu 16.04 booted without a problem, and ran stable. From there I installed ArchLinux ( Then booting into the new system rans most of the times. However, after some random time it seems like the system freezes. This seems to be an error in the i2c designware platform module of the kernel. See this bug report:

So I guess Ubuntu 16.04 has a different setup of the i2c kernel module which prevents the error seen on other systems. Most likely these problems are related. What do you think?
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